Investing courses and coaching for young professionals to make your money grow on autopilot


Be Simple & Sustainable

You’ve got your life to live and passions to pursue – which means you
don’t have time to waste researching which companies to invest in and nail-biting every time the economy takes a turn. That’s why I teach simple investing strategies that anyone can learn (even if you're a beginner!)

Minimize Your Risk & Maximize Your Money

With set-and-forget-it investment systems, you can simultaneously prepare for retirement, grow your net worth, pay off debt, and save for fun experiences… even if you
don’t have a high paying job or a ton of cash reserves to start with. 

You deserve to have minimal money stress so you can bring your best self to the world.

No more wondering if you’re doing the right things with your money. 

X No more wondering how your financial future will pan out.

X No more avoiding vacations and outings because you’re worried about money.

That’s why my signature investing strategies are designed to maximize your money and your time while minimizing anxiety on your part.

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From scattered finances to confident, concrete plans.

"My wins include opening a HYSA, paying off one of my credit cards in full, and increasing the percentage invested in my Roth IRA!"


From stuck to saving thousands.

"Last year I was able to save thousands after taking your class. I made a plan to continue with the lessons I've learned form you and it's been one month and I'm already 10% there! It's crazy how much your class has helped (and is still helping!)"

• Lane
your money bff money coach lindsey investing courses learn how to invest in the stock market
 The investing-made-simple course for 20-to-30-somethings that want to grow their money in the stock market without studying stock market trends, risky forays into cryptocurrencies, or extreme budgeting.

+ Make your money grow with the stock market so you have more than enough to retire comfortably, switch careers with ease, and safeguard against financial emergency.

+ Keep your money safe with savvy investment strategies so you can bask in total confidence knowing that you’re doing the right things with your money and your financial future is secure. 

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I am so happy that I took the Stressed To Invested Course!

"I now have money in the stock market and I am saving money for retirement with a Roth IRA! Such amazing tools and it is incredible to have Lindsey as a resource. If you want to be more financial literate, I definitely recommend Stressed to Invested. The course was a great investment!"

• Cavan
your money bff money coach lindsey investing courses learn how to invest in the stock market
your money bff money coach lindsey investing courses learn how to invest in the stock market

1:1 money coaching is your fast track to reach your biggest financial goals.

Whether you’re ready to start investing for your future, pay off debt, save for a home, prepare for retirement, increase your savings, or all of the above, one:one money coaching will give you the support you need. 

*Fair warning: Spots are limited for this personalized level of VIP support*

Working with Lindsey has been such a relief!

"My personal financial situation felt unbalanced, and I wanted to get my money aligned with my goals. Before working with Lindsey, my debt was weighing me down. Now, I feel less stressed and at the same time more motivated to reach my goals and more confident. Working with Lindsey has been such a relief!"

• Nubia

Secure Your Financial Future

Get instant access to the Ultimate Retirement Workshop: the video masterclass showing you exactly how to apply my Grow Your Money System to your future. This isn’t a listen-in-the-background-while-washing-dishes type of video training. You’ll leave with a personalized Retirement Roadmap outlining your custom action plan.

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The stock market fundamentals you need to know to make your money work for you.

Ever wish they had an Investing 101 course in school? This is it.

Grab the Grow Your Money ebook for $47 ONLY $19:
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Watch the FREE Workshop:

I’m spilling all the details of my proprietary Grow Your Money System in the 100% FREE video training. Discover my tried-and-tested framework to make your money
grow on autopilot while you continue living your best life (finally confident about your financial future!)

Learn my exact Grow Your Money System in the FREE workshop:

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