Worrying about being able to retire comfortably?

Not to scare you, but
you should be

The average American will need to save at least one million dollars to live comfortably in retirement. Yes, that’s six whole zero’s. And no, I didn’t make that number up.

get help planning for retirement

One million green ones 🤑

And we’re talking about a comfortable retirement – not luxury.

With inflation steadily rising, that minimum amount needed will be even higher for you when you reach retirement age. Not even accounting for unexpected situations like emergency medical procedures or the worst case scenarios we all pray will never come true.

Your choices are simple:

You can cross your fingers and hope for a lucky windfall (Lottery? Inheritance? Maybe social security will still be around then? 🤷‍♀️)

You can meal prep and snip coupons trying to stuff away even more savings – all the while missing out on life’s fun, spontaneous experiences (that tend to require money because, well, that’s how life works…)

Your personalized plan laying out exactly what money moves to make now so that when you’re ready to retire, you have more than enough.

The magic’s in using the power of the stock market to save for your retirement…
without giving up all of life’s fun experiences!

show me how!

The Retirement Readiness strategies I teach allow you to… 

Combat inflation by capitalizing upon the power of the stock market.

Save for retirement with “set-and-forget-it” systems that leave you with less money anxiety and more than enough money to live off of in the years to come. 
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I’m so excited to bring you…

The Ultimate Retirement Workshop

The video masterclass teaching you how to prepare for retirement.

How to stop working forever without having to worry about money

How to calculate exactly how much money you’ll need to retire comfortably

How to use retirement accounts to save tens of thousands of dollars on taxes

How to avoid the costliest mistakes young professionals make when preparing for retirement

How to choose the type of retirement account that’s right for you

 How to prepare for retirement without relying on social security (or other unknowns!)

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Make smart money moves with confidence

"Our 401k enrollment period is now open and I watched your video and put 2% more into a Roth instead of the standard IRA. Before your class, I didn't even know what the difference was between the two! I'm excited!"

• Stevie

Stop stalling and take action to secure your future. 

"Just thought I'd share a win: I'm following through with what I said after the Retirement Workshop and I'm setting up my 401K with my new job!"

• Natalie

Let’s check planning for retirement off the to-do list once and for all 

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