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Say hello to my all time favorite money tools and investing resources. These are the resources I LOVE using and recommending to my BFFs (like you!)

*A quick heads up: some of the resources on this page contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, that I only recommend resources and tools that I love!

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Get Paid to Exercise

You’ll need an iPhone, plus an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin to make the most of this. Use code YOURMONEYBFF for an extra $5!

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Roll Over Your Old 401k for Free

Roll over your 401k to an IRA for free - they do it for you!

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Get Paid to Shop

Get paid for what you’d buy anyway! You’ll get an extra $30 cash back when you sign up using my link:

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File Your Taxes for Free

If you make less than $73k per year, you may qualify to file your taxes for free:
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Make Passive Income with Your Bank Account

High yield savings account - this is the one I use personally and love! Get an extra 0.5% interest for 3 months when you sign up with my link:

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Sell Your Old Stuff

Make extra cash by selling your old things through Mercari:

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investing resources and money freebies and tools so you can grow your money free spending tracker

Watch the Free Workshop

In the FREE Grow Your Money Workshop, I’m sharing all the details of my 3 step signature CCC Framework so you can grow your money in the stock market on autopilot...

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investing resources and money freebies and tools so you can grow your money free spending tracker

Track Your Spending with the FREE Spending Tracker

Download your copy of my Spending Tracker Spreadheet for FREE so you can manage your savings easily and effectively:

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Secure Your Financial Future

Get instant access to the Ultimate Retirement Workshop: the video masterclass showing you exactly how to apply my Grow Your Money System to your future. This isn’t a listen-in-the-background-while-washing-dishes type of video training. You’ll leave with a personalized Retirement Roadmap outlining your custom action plan.

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The stock market fundamentals you need to know to make your money work for you.

Ever wish they had an Investing 101 course in school? This is it.

Grab the Grow Your Money ebook for $47 ONLY $19:
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Ready to become a savvy stock market investor in six weeks or less?

Stressed To Invested is my signature program guiding you through each phase of the Grow Your Money System so that you can make your money work for you:

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