1:1 money coaching with your money bff saving coaching nivesting coaching financial coaching

More money, sure. But, really - so much more than money.


So that you don’t have to feel alone when it comes to deciding what to do with your money.


Knowing that you and those you love are set up for financial security – whatever the future holds.


Knowing that you are making the right choices with every financial decision.

Personal money coaching offers my highest level of support.


We’ll focus on YOU and your SPECIFIC financial questions. You bring your questions and the can-do attitude, I’ll bring the investing knowledge. Together, we’ll develop a custom action plan to put your money to work for you.

Both ongoing and one time intensive consultations available to suit your specific needs and goals. 

1:1 money coaching with your money bff saving coaching nivesting coaching financial coaching
1:1 money coaching with your money bff saving coaching nivesting coaching financial coaching

If we’re being honest: Adulting. With. Finances. Is. Hard!

From selecting retirement account types to diversification strategies and everything in between:

You wish you had someone to guide you through making important financial decisions.

You’re ready to make smarter moves with your money…

But feel downright paralyzed with all the options out there!

You need someone to help you decide which next steps are right for you and your specific circumstances.

Money Coaching is NOT RIGHT for you if...


You’re not ready to make moves to improve your finances.



You’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency or real estate exclusively (I am not a crypto or real estate expert)


You are looking for someone to manage your money for you.



You want to learn fancy, time-consuming investing techniques like options trading or technical analysis.


You’re close to retirement age (50 years of age or more)



You’re looking to make a quick fortune in the stock market.

Money Coaching is RIGHT for you if...


You are looking for specific guidance and accountability for your personal situation.


You are a young professional or entrepreneur.


You are 
ready to put in the work to level up your financial situation.

Have your very own money expert in your corner.

"Coach Lindsey felt like having a BFF that was the most professional, helpful and finance savvy friend on speed dial! I now feel more confident and have a better money mindset!"

• Jordy

Take charge of your finances by investing with confidence.

"I wanted to share a big win with you: I saved to max out my Roth IRA and put an additional $5k into a socially responsible fund. I'm grateful you gave me confidence to invest in myself financially and to continue to be a lifelong saver."

• Lauren

Let's get started:

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With your money coach (yours truly!) by your side…

You get to escape over-thinking paralysis and step into confident action to uplevel your investing game.

  Things I’ve helped people with in the past are:

Saving more money or creating a debt payoff plan
What retirement accounts to choose and how to open them
Learning about different investing options and determining what is best for you
What to do with the money you have saved or money you recently came into
What you should do with your money when you get paid
Figure out how much to invest and how to save for a house

Working together sound like a dream come true?


Apply for one:one coaching by filling out the application below. 

Fair warning: If you’re thinking money coaching could be what you really (really!) need, then do not wait to apply

I only accept a limited number of applicants each year. That’s not because of some sleazy marketing “you better apply now or miss your chance” kind of thing. The simple fact is that there’s only one of me, only so many hours in the day, and therefore only so many one:one coaching engagements I can accept. 

If you’re really ready for personalized money guidance…

I want one of those limited one:one engagements to be yours!

1:1 money coaching with your money bff saving coaching nivesting coaching financial coaching

Here's how it works:


Apply for money coaching via the application on this page.


Together, we’ll create an action plan for your specific needs.


You’ll be growing your money more confidently than ever!
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Choose your investment level:



One 90 minute intensives to take a deep dive into your situation.

• STARTS AT $297 •



Three monthly sessions to develop a custom action plan at my highest level of guidance and support.

• STARTS AT $947 •

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